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Mini 1/4 BJD (MSD) 
Mu Ran

Mu Ran $195
Includes:  Complete nude doll, random color eyes, underwear, packing pillow, certificate of authenticity.  Clothing and wig not included.
Options:  Skin Color ~ Normal, White, Yellow, Tan ($20)
Make Up:  $30
Body Blush: $40
Gender: Young boy or Young girl

Head Only $60
In Stock: MuRan, white skin, no face up $195

Skin Color:
Make Up:
Body Blush:
Body Girl Stats:
Height : 44.5cm
Neck: 6.5cm
Circumference of Chest : 18.5cm
Circumference of Waist : 13.5cm
Circumference of Hip : 19cm
Width of Shoulders : 8.cm
Length of Leg : 22cm
Length of Arm: 12cm
Length of Back: 9.5cm
Foot length : 5.5cm
Body Boy Stats:
Height : 46cm
Neck: 7cm
Circumference of Chest : 19cm Circumference of Waist : 15.5cm Circumference of Hip : 19cm
Width of Shoulders : 9cm
Length of Leg : 22.5cm
Length of Arm: 12.5cm
Length of Back: 10.5cm
Foot length : 5.5cm
Skin Color

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