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Kyla -
Delivery:  November
Kyla MSD

MSD Kyla $489
Includes:  Cream color resin, faceup, eyes, and enchanted key. 

Incoming Kyla sold out

Total height: 18"- 45cm
Eyes: 16mm
Head: 8.2" wig size 7/8 Xtremedoll Mohair 8/9
Bust: 8" - 20cm
Waist: 6.5" - 16cm
Hip: 8" - 20cm
Leg Length: 8" - 20cm (inseam)
Shoulder width: 3 1/2" - 9cm
Feet: 2 1/4" - 6.35cm
DDE Exclusive ~
Denver's Siren with white or tan skin
Siren Tan

Siren with white skin $599
Siren with tan skin $650
Includes: Nude doll, with faceup and random glass eyes. 
Option: Body blush plus manicure/pedicure $45

Sold Out

Siren White
Sold Out Editions
Denver's Gracelyn
Denver's Gracelyn 2
Samantha Blush
Denver's Gracelyn Gracelyn 2 Samantha Samantha Sun Kissed

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