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SD13/17 Boys Styles
Forest Hunter

Doll Heart Forest Hunter
KD0009 $150
SALE $112.50
for 70cm dolls.
Includes: Shirt, Vest, Fur, Scarf, Necklace, Jacket, Pants, Hat

Sold Out


Cristy Stone Collection
LD-489 $150 SALE $112.50
for SD 13 boy
Includes: Hat, goggles, coat, scarf, pants




LD-379 Ombre $105 SALE $78.75
INCLUDES:  Top, Neck Accessory, Hat, Belt A, Belt B, Pants.


SD10/13/16 Girls Styles

School of Magic
LD000602 Kylie $99.90 SALE $74.93

for SD10/13 girl
Includes: Hat, Tie, Pin, Top, Knee Skirt, Socks, Coat, Knit, Neckerchief, Cape

Sold Out

Oblivion Heart

Pirates Collection
GD-01 Oblivion Heart $140
SALE $105
SD16 girl
Includes: Hat, neck accessory, tops, corset, long skirt, underskirt, pin, knee skirt

Sold Out

Soloman Grundy

Soloman Grundy Collection
LD-461 Married on Wednesday $120
SALE $90
LS 13 girl
Includes: Onepiece, Pin, Hair Accessory, Neck Accessory, Hair Accessory

Sold Out

Christy Stone

Cristy Stone Collection
LD-478 $130 SALE $97.50
for SD 13 girl
Includes: Hat, top, short pants, sleeve, knee highs, necklace


YOSD Styles
Alice Red Heart

Alice 2012 Collection
YD00187 Alice Red Heart $100 SALE $75
Top, Mini Skirt, Coat, Neck Accessory, Hat, Bag, Socks, Sleeve, Petticoat


Lati Yellow Styles
(also fits PukiFee)

Steampunk Collection
ID23 Immanuel $90 SALE $67.50
for Lati
Includes: Hat, coat, tops, vest, pants

Sold Out



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