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Doll Size
1. Tall  : 79cm
2. Body length not include a head : 70cm
3. Length from hip to knee : 20cm
4. Length from knee to calf  : 18cm
5. Circumference of neck  : 16.5cm
6. Width of shoulders  : 14cm
7. Circumference of chest : 34cm
8. Circumference of waist  : 27cm
9. Circumference of hips  : 39cm
10. Circumference of Wrist  : 12cm
11. Length from shoulder to wrist include a wrist ball  : 24cm
12. Circumference of ankle  : 14.5cm
13. Length from hip to Heel  : 40.5cm
14. Length of Foot size : 13cm
15. Weight : 4kg
16.  Eyes:  26mm
17. Wig: 13/14
Secret Garden Dahlia

Lusion Doll: Secret Garden Dahlia - LE10  $2250
Includes: Assembled normal skin body with ball jointed hands blushed, normal skin head with face-up the same as shown in the pictures, Eyes: D - Basic 26mm Glass Eye (HA06), Wig: (13-14) Soft Straight Wig (Red Brown) hair styled in braids, Clothes set: hair ornament, cape, one set of cuffs, neck choker, bear doll, brown outer dress, apron, ivory inner dress, socks Shoes: Lusion Doll Shoes -Cute Mary Jane Shoes (Black), 2 cushions, COA.


Lusion Doll - Basic Whispering Lillia $1481.00
Includes: normal skin head and body, eyes (26mm glass eyes, random color, wig (random), underwear set, 2 cushions, warranty
Options: Make Up $100
Blush: Full body, hands/feet $150. Hands/feet only $50
Sanding:  $150

Make Up:




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