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FeePle65 Parts

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Face Connector

New! FeePle65 (New Release) Face Connector $50
Natural or Beautiful White or Tan $15 (when available)
* To be used for New Release Feeple65 Sylvia Faceplate only and cannot be used with other previously released Feeple65 faceplates with old Feeple65 body.
* Up to TWO backheads can be purchased for customers who are purchasing Feeple65 Sylvia Full and Basic Package(s)


Feeple 65 Feet $45
Flat or Heel
Natural or Beautiful White or Tan $3 (when available)

Feeple65 Hands

Feeple 65 Hands $35
Natural, Beautiful White or Tan $3 (when available)
Choose:  Male 1, Male 2, Male 3, Female 11, Female 12

Sizes Feeple 65


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