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Wig  Boutique
  Mohair, human hair, synthetic, fur.  Lots of sizes, colors and styles.  Change the look of  your favorite doll in minutes!  For size, measure around your doll's head just over the ears. For example: if the measurement is 7.5", the doll would take a size 7/8 wig.

Click on the size for styles, sizes and colors.

Wigs for Kish  11" Bitty Bethany, 10" Creedy MSD, OrientDoll Dae, etc. 
Wigs for Bleuette, Kish Bethany, some BJD MSD slim dolls like Minifiee, Little Fee, Bobobie, etc.
Wigs for about a 16" doll like Kish Jo, 14" Betsy McCall, most MSD size BJD dolls, etc. 
Size 8/9 - 9/10 Wigs for 18" plus dolls.  Fits most SD size BJD dolls.    
Size 11.5 Wigs for 18" play dolls like American Girl, Gotz, etc.
Leeke Wigs Beautiful wigs in many sizes, styles and colors
Shaggies Fur Wigs!   Lots of sizes.
Great for BJDs!
Dome Caps Silicone caps to keep wigs in place


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