1/4 Replaceable Parts Series with Cedar/Fawna Order ONLY! Limit 1 per order


PREORDER 1/4 Replaceable Parts for 3 Part Body Dolls

*Order a “Break in the Woods” Cedar/Fawna during the event time and purchase ONE of the following accessories at the DISCOUNTED price.

**If you chose to order more than ONE accessory please <<<click here>>> for the regular priced options.


  • Girl B4-25 Deer Lower Body
  • Girl B4-20 Human Lower Body
  • Boy B4-26 Deer Lower Body
  • Boy B4-17 Human Lower Body
  • Boy Cedar Head
  • Girl Fawna Head (open eye)
  • Girl Fawna Special Head (closed eye)
  • Wand of the Deer God Weapon (blank)
  • Wand of the Deer God Weapon (blushed-light green)
  • Wand of the Deer God Weapon (blushed-dark green

**Be sure to check the pictures for specific measurements and fit.  Not all accessories will work with all 3 part bodies.