Cheshire Pop, Pink Skin, Face Up


Cheshire Pop, PI Edition, Limited Edition.


  • Pink Skin
  • Yes Face Up
  • Tail A & B,
  • A4 Purple Eyes
  • Certificate
  • Cushion & Box

Height : 20cm (include ear length)
Girth of head : 23.5cm
Width of shoulers : 4.5cm
Length of arm : 7.5cm
Length of shoulder to wist : 5.5cm
Girth of neck : 5.5cm
Girth of chest : 10cm
Girth of waist : 11cm
Length of back : 4cm
Girth of hip : 13cm
Length of leg : 7.5cm
Length of waist to ankle : 8cm
Foot size : 2.4cm
Length of the Jointed tail (A) :11.5cm
Girth of the Jointed tail (A) : 4cm
Length of the Cheshire tail (B) : 11cm
Girth of the Cheshire tail (B) : 7.5cm

Ear Parts : 4.3cm * 2.7cn * 3.7cm

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