FairyLine Pegasus Wings (Vers. 2)


Preorder FairyLine Pegasus Wings (Vers.2 )

!!PLEASE NOTE: these wings will fit on the current Minifee bodies using the Wing Connector.


  • Pair of Pegasus Wings
  • Clear Smoke Resin ONLY
  • Fairyland Box

FairyLine Pegasus Wings (Ver. 2)
*For FairyLine Centaur Body (Ver.1, Ver.2)
**The wing parts are identical to ver.1 in shape but internal engineering and magnet locations have changed.

***Doesn’t include horse body, human body, horse head and unicorn horn.

Actual product may differ from the photographs. Doll skin, makeup and product color may appear different depending on viewer’s monitor condition.
* Try not to disassemble the doll in any case unless absolutely necessary. Disassembling the Centaur is not recommended due to the intricate nature of the engineering.
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