Ita & Flo Combo Version (ends Feb. 5) EXTENDED to March 18!


Preorder 1/6 YoSD “The Wonderland” Ita and Flo Combo Version (ends Feb. 5, 2024)

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Default Body: T-13 Body

  • T-13 is the upper body of the human body + the lower body of the dragon

Set Includes:

  • T-13 Body
  • Flo Head
  • Ita Head
  • 14mm random eyes (2 pair)
  • DreamValley Box
  • COA


  • Skin Colors: Pink, White, Normal, Wall White
    • Tan, Gray, Black or Red skin is $55 additional
  • Lower Human Body Part (non gender) is $80 additional
    • Add $15 for Lt.Tan, Gray, Black or Red skin
  • Face Up & Body Blush is $205 additional (including human body parts + dragon full body blushing + horn painting) **NOT AVAILABLE on Lt.Tan, Gray, Black or Red Resin