Kid45 Delf RASPBERRY Romance Elf Centaur Girl ver. Moonlit Song (ends July 29)


PREORDER Kid Delf45 RASPBERRY Romance Elf Centaur  ver. Moonlit Song (ends July 29, 2022)

BASIC Set Includes:

  • Assembled Centaur Doll with Raspberry Romance Elf Head ver. Moonlit Song LIMITED
  • NO Human Legs
  • Unicorn horn (same color as the transparent part of the Centaur body)
  • Glass eyes (Random Color)
  • LUTS basic Box with manual & certification card

Does not include outfit, wig & accessories


  • Upper Body/Head Color: Normal, White, Brown (+$30) or Bronco (+$40)
  • Bust Size: Type 1 (small) or Type 2 (basic)
  • Centaur/Kenta Color:
    • White, Tan (+$75) or Black (+$75)
  • Face Up is $78
  • Face Up & Kenta Leg/Hooves Blush is $145

** Please contact us at if you would like a body type, additional option or skin color that is not listed.

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