Littlefee Shoes LS-R01 Roller Skates: Pink or Mint


In Stock: Littlefee Shoes LS-R01 Roller Skates

Colors: Pink or Mint

Resin Shoes that can be worn ONLY on Littlefee dolls

Unpainted product.

Color or details in the image may look slightly different to the actual product.

Compatible Models : Littlefee Girl, Littlefee Boy

Warning: The roller skate wheels are fixed and immobile for stability reasons.

* Warnings when purchasing Clear Resin Parts
 Clear Skin resin may contain air bubbles and undergo faster yellowing and weaker than regular resin. Please handle with care when handling clear resin.
 Removing seam lines of Clear Skin parts reduces clarity of the resin. For this reason, seam lines will remain intact and only most minimal necessary measures will be applied to reduce sharpness to prevent injuries. Thank you for understanding.