Luna (Vampire Rabbit) Full Option **Natural Skin


RealFee Luna Vampire (Vampire Rabbit) Full Option **Natural Skin

  • RealFee Luna Vampire (default head + girl body + default hands) **Natural SKIN
  • Premium Eyes **GIFT
  • Sleeping Face Plate
  • Default Face MakeUp
  • 5-6″ wig
  • Outfit (Vampire Rabbit)
  • Shoes (clear red resin)
  • Rabbit Ears (clear smoke resin)
  • Wings (clear smoke resin)
  • Bunny Parts/Legs (choose skin color: natural, beauty white, tan, pink, mint, violet)
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Information Booklet
  • Fairyland Box


  • Sleeping Head with Face up is $48 additional
  • Rabbit Parts: Natural, Beauty White, Tan, Pink, Mint or Violet
  • Extra Luna Face (human teeth):
    • Luna Face (human teeth) is $45 additional
    • Luna Face (human teeth) with makeup is $93 additional
  • Cheshire Cat: Face (BW) + Body (Clear Violet Resin) + Random Eyes
    • Unpainted Cheshire Cat is $85 additional
    • Cheshire Cat with MakeUp is $130 additional
  • Art Complete (adds PAINTING to Shoes, Rabbit Ears & Wings) is $115 additional

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