Miwa Designer Complete, Natural Skin, Sleep Head & Event A Head Blank, Cheshire Cat Blank


Miwa Designer Complete (Alice)

In Stock Designer Complete Set Includes:

  • Minifee Miwa Default Head + a-line girl body (large bust, cutie legs) flat & heel feet + #3 Hands
  • Default Head Makeup
  • Natural Skin
  • Premium Eyes
  • Wig (6-7 inch)
  • Outfits (Alice)*
  • Shoes (resin heels, painted)*
  • TeaCup Headband Ornament (resin, painted)*
  •  Sleeping Head Blank (no painting)
  •  Event A (tongue out) Head Blank (no painting)
  • Cheshire Cat Blank (no painting)
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Information Booklet
  • Fairyland Box

*Please handle painted parts with extra caution as painting will peel off or loose its color over period of time and when handled for play time. Please take care of handling painted parts including internal joints as well. Despite using painting sealants to finish off painting works, paints will eventually come off if painted surface area comes into frequent contact. Sealants may leave some visible small drips on the surface which will not be a criteria of replacement service nor refund.



In stock