MSD Phoenix Bird Full Set, White Skin, 3 Part Body Plus Human Lower Body


1/4 MSD Phoenix Bird Full Set (limited )

In Stock Full Set Includes:

  • Nude Doll (Phoenix Bird Head + B4-22 Bird Body + Wings + Feather Crown)
  • White Skin
  • 3 Part Body
  • Plus Human Lower Body  (get both bird legs and human legs)
  • 14mm Acrylic Eyes
  • Face Up (including ear blush)
  • Body Blush (including dark red nail polish)
  • Wing & Feather Crown Blushed
  • Gift Clasping Hands
  • Wig GW4-33 & accessories
  • Outfit C4-39 (including top, bottom skirt, waistband, feather decor)
  • DreamValley Box
  • COA Birth Card

*the 3 part (section) body is detachable at the waist.  The phoenix and rabbit (Safina & Olivia) lower body parts are interchangeable if you choose this option.

In stock