Rita Human Full Set




Default Body: B4-11

Full Set Includes:

  • Nude Doll (Rita Head + B4-11 HUMAN Girl Body)
  • Face Up (including ear blush)
  • Wig GWT-14
  • Outfit CT-14
  • 14mm Random Acrylic Eyes
  • Dream Valley Box & Certificate


  • Skin Colors: Pink, White, Yellow
    • Grey or Purple is $55 additional
    • Lt. Tan is $80 additional
  • Body Blush (including: red blushing at the joints of the arms, torso, and legs) is $45 additional

Other Information:

  • The wig styling is for display only, and the wig in the full set DO NOT have a braided styling.
  • The crown is included in the outfit and can not be sold separately.
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