SD Qing Basic, Yellow, Blank


1/3 SD Qing Basic

Default Body: B56-01

In Stock Basic Set Includes:

  • Nude Doll with Regular Hands
  • Yellow (normal) Skin
  • Blank (no painting)
  • B56-01 Body with Small Bust
  • NO wig, outfit or swords
  • Dream Valley Box
  • Certificate
  • 16mm Random Acrylic Eyes

***The swords in picture are NOT included. The swords can be purchased separately on the parts page

B56-01 Measurements:

  • Height(include head)  60cm
  • Height(without head)  56cm
  • Head circumference  21cm
  • Neck circumference  8.3cm
  • Shoulder length   10cm
  • Arm length  23cm
  • Chest circumference  21cm (default bust is the large bust C-02)
  • Waistline  14.5cm
  • Hipline  25cm
  • Leg length  29.5cm
  • Thigh circumference  14cm
  • Calf circumference  9.5cm
  • Foot length  7cm
  • Foot breadth  2.8cm
  • Eye size  16mm

In stock