YoSD Hela Jellyfish Full Set, White Skin, Transparent Tail


1/6 YoSD Hela “Abysmal Sea Tea Party” Jellyfish Full Set Limited Edition

Default Body: T-05 Jellyfish Body

In Stock Full Set Includes:

  • Nude Doll (Hela Head + T-05 Jellyfish Body)
  • Face Up
  • White Skin w/Transparent Tail
  • Body Blush (includes basic body blush, red blushing and pattern on body part of jellyfish)
  • 12mm Acrylic Eyes
  • Wig GWT-16
  • Outfit CT-18 (red dress, collar, red headgear, petticoat)
  • DreamValley Box
  • COA Birth Card

In stock

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