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PukiFee Basic (15.5 cm)

(Nude, no face up, no wig or clothing)

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Puki Fee Basic (Nude) $210
Beautiful White, Natural skin or Tan $20 (when available)
Face Up + $42
Sleeping face + $37
Sleeping face with face up +$79
INCLUDES:  Default face, body and default hands, 10mm acrylic eyes random color (Multi head has 8mm eyes) Box
Rin Basic
New! Basic Rin
Tika Basic
New! Basic Tika


Basic Frozen

In Stock:  Natural, yes face up, no sleeping face $252.  Natural, yes face up, yes sleeping face no face up $289

Basic Crystal

Basic Dony
Basic Dony

Basic Cony
Basic Cony
Vanilla Basic
Basic Vanilla

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Basic Zio

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(Multi Head click here)

Basic Luna
Basic Luna

Basic PongPong
Basic Pong Pong


Basic Cupid
Basic Cupid

Icis Basic
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BAsic Bonnie
Basic Bonnie

Basic Zoe
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Basic Ante

Basic Flora

Basic Shiwoo

Shephard Girl
Bonnie Basic
(Multi Head click here)
Skin Color:
Face Up:
Sleeping Face Option:
Fee Sizes Left:  LittleFee
Center:  PukiFee with PukiFee head.  PukiFee with Multi Head.
Right:  PukiPuki with Mulit Head.  PukiPuki with Puki head. 
Sizes PukiFee

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