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Post-Thanksgiving DDE Gift Event!

dde event turkey

We’re STUFFED and it’s time to clean out our shelves!  Take advantage this weekend  and receive a FREE gift with ALL IN STOCK Full Payment orders.  Details are as follows:

  •  Begins: Thursday 11/24 8am (MT)
  • Ends: Monday 11/28 8pm (MT)


  • Minifee ala carte basic = Free pair MNF Resin Shoes
  • Feeple60 basic = Free pair F60 Resin Shoes
  • Minifee Full Pack/Designer Complete = Free Past Event Minifee Head
  • Feeple60/65 Full Pack/Designer Complete = Free Past Feeple60/65 Event Head
  • Little Fee/Real Fee/Pukifee Basic/FullSet = Free past Fairyland event gift
  • DollLeaves Full Pack = Free Outfit
  • Dollzone or Doll Chateau nude/full pack (over $200) = Free Past Event Doll
  • Dream Valley nude/full set (over $200) = Free Past Event Doll
  • Orders over $50 = Free gift wig/eyes/outfit or shoes
*fine print: Gifts will be random and chosen by DDE.  ONLY applies to FULL PAYMENT orders placed between Thursday, Nov. 24th (8pm MT) and Monday, Nov. 28th (8pm MT). NO PREORDERS or LAYAWAYS qualify. Gifts are while supplies last. Substitutes may be made.  DDE has the final interpretation of qualification.
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Dollzone Beatrice/Darlene Event!

Darlene & Beatrice Re-opening Event!

During: 2022.10.28-2022.11.28


Order dolls “Darlene&Beatrice” during the event period, you can enjoy a 12% discount ! Enter coupon code “DZDB22” at checkout


If you order Darlene/Beatrice full set, you can get a free peach skin “Angela” nude doll

If you order Darlene nude doll/full set, we will give you a pair of High heel feet

If you order Beatrice nude doll/full set, we will give you a pair of Flat heel feet


The full set of are sold in limited quantities, with a global limit of 20 sets each, and the sale ends when they are sold out (10 official sets, 5 overseas sets, and 5 domestic agents)

PS: This new product activity will not be superimposed with other promotional activities. In case of other activities, the new product activity discount will be maintained

<<CLICK HERE to order Beatrice & Darlene Dolls>>

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DreamValley Sundial & Lunar Event!

Dream Valley “The cycle of Sun and Moon-Sundial & Lunar” Event (ends Nov. 18, 2022)

Dream Valley “The Cycle of Sun and Moon-Sundial & Lunar” Event **ends Nov. 18th, 2022

1. Introducing NEW Sundial & Lunar!

  • Available in Basic & Full Set
  • Order NOW and enjoy a 10% discount on Basic/Full Set Sundial and/or Lunar
    • Enter Coupon Code “DVSL22” at Checkout

2.  Order Sundial & Lunar during event and receive a pair of “Hands for Dance” H4-06

  • Blank hands with basic doll
  • Blushed hands with full set doll
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Fairyland Halloween Event!

Fairyland Halloween Event 2022 (Ends November 13th, 2022)

<<<click here to see NEW RELEASE F60 Sia & MNF Hwayu>>>

Event Contents:

Customers are eligible to receive following gifts for orders priced;

a-1. $150 or above: Lenticular card (MiniFee)

a-2. $150 or above: Lenticular card (FeePle60)

b-1. $700 or above: MiniFee Halloween head (NS)

b-2. $700 or above: MiniFee Halloween head (BW)

c-1. $900 or above: FeePle60 Halloween head (NS)

c-2. $900 or above: FeePle60 Halloween head (BW)

*The event head skull parts are all BW.  *Eye is not included.

Event Items can be selected as long as the price meets the minimum price category.

For example:

  • When placing order of $7,500, you may select up to (10) x $700 category heads OR (5) $700 category heads plus (4) $900 category heads.
  • The amount of qualifying gifts MUST be equal to or less than order total BEFORE shipping.

Does NOT include IN STOCK items– Eligible price shown above EXCLUDES shipping fee.

Chosen event gift MUST be included with qualifying order to receive it.  You will NOT receive event gift if your order does not contain eligible event gift(s).

** If your order does NOT qualify for event item ordered, it will automatically be deleted from order.

*** Event items will NOT be added to orders automatically.  You must choose your event item.

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DreamValley Discontinue Event!

dream valley discontinue event 2022
Dream Valley Discontinue Dolls Event! **ends Nov. 6, 2022

All dolls seen here will be DISCONTINUED after November 6th, 2022.  Until then you can enjoy a 20% discount on the nude/basic doll only.  (Head/Body/makeup and other parts are not involved in the discount activities)
For discount please enter coupon code “DVDD22” at checkout!

<<<<<Click Here to view DOLLS>>>>>>
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Dollzone “The Hanged Man” Event!

Dollzone “The Hanged Man” Event! ends November 11, 2022

Introducing NEW doll THE HANGED MAN (winged or human) !!

Event Contents:

1.  The full Set is limited to 30 sets WorldWide! Unlimited naked nude doll.

2. Open skin color: white,pink,peach,gray,moon white,moon gray,purple  (special skin color requires additional price)

3. During the new product event, you can enjoy 12% off when you place an order for [The Hanged Man] Nude Doll/FullSet

  • To participate enter Coupon Code “DZHANG” at Check Out!

4. During the new product event, place an order for Nude Doll/Fullset to receive an official tarot card album.

5. During the new product event, every time the amount reaches $200, you can order a FREE Bean gift, buy more get more free.

6. Order a new nude doll/fullset, you can purchase additional pet Biubiu for $88

PS: This new doll event will not be superimposed with other promotions, and accessories will not participate in the discount.

Discounts apply to PREORDERS only.  Does NOT include IN STOCK items

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Dream Valley “Apocalypse-Black Horseman Withered” Event!

dream valley withered apocalypse event

Dream Valley “Apocalypse-Black Horseman Withered” Event **ends Oct. 24, 2022

1. Introducing NEW DOLL Withered & Horse Body!!

  • Available in Basic & Full Set
  • Order NOW and enjoy a 12% discount on Basic/Full Set Withered
    • Enter Coupon Code “DVAW22” at Checkout

2. Nude doll can get a Crown of Desolation.

3. Full-set can get a Crown of Desolation and Mask of Thorns Bones.

* Apocalypse-Black Horsemen Withered are LIMITED to the event period, and all projects will be closed after the event ends.

The following points should be noted in this Event:

  • Full set does not include the scepter/crown/mask in the picture, you can buy it separately.
  • NEW skin color Niello, only a full set can be selected, not available when buying nude doll.
  • Apocalypse-Black Horsemen (Full-set /Nude doll/outfit/body) , all items will be discontinued after October 24, 2022.