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DollZone Spring Festival Event!

Dollzone Spring Festival Event **ends March 31, 2021

Introducing 1/4BB Cinnamon & Maltose Dolls!

  1.  During event period enjoy 15% off all Dollzone PREORDERS (does not include in stock items)
    • Enter Coupon Code “DZSPRG” at check out
  2. FREE gift- Order $559 in Dollzone products (after discount, preorders only, does not include in stock items or event doll Tata) and receive the Dollzone 2020 Album!
  3. Special Doll- you can order special Tata doll with the purchase of a basic or full set doll and/or doll body.  (does not include in stock items)
    • Basic nude/blank Tata is $59
    • Full Set A Tata is $99
      • (includes doll, face up, body blushing, fried-shrimp outfit, and 8mm random eyes)
    • Full Set B Tata is $115
      • (include doll, face up, body blushing, sunflower headwear, kitten outfit, and 8mm random eyes)

*final interpretation is up to Dollzone & DDE

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Dollzone Green Skin Event!

doll zone 2021 winter event green resin

Dollzone will be producing GREEN SKIN for a limited time!  Ends February 28, 2021

1/3 SD- $90 upgrade

1/4 MSD- $60 upgrade

1/6 Yosd- $60 upgrade

To order:

  1. Order doll (basic or full set) in White skin.
  2. Order GREEN SKIN Upgrade here in correct/corresponding size.
  3. Doll will be ordered in GREEN Skin.

Please check list pictured to make sure your desired doll is available in GREEN skin. Thanks!


doll zone 2021 winter green resin event