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Dream Valley “Bone Butterfly-Crystal” Event!

Dream Valley “Bone Butterfly-Crystal” Event! (ends December 31, 2023)

Introducing Bone Butterfly- Crystal!!


  • Order Basic or Full Set Special Version (wall white with transparent resin overlay) Crystal Doll!
  • Basic Crystal also available in white, pink, normal, lt. tan and gray
  • During this event you can receive 12% off Basic or Full Set orders by entering Coupon Code “DVBBC23” at checkout 🙂

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Fairyland “Pukifee Special Skin Color” Event

Fairyland 2023 SPECIAL SKIN COLOR Event (ends Dec. 15, 2023)

 We are delighted to announce the return of Special Color Skin along with additional RealFee Sleeping Faceplates. 

Sales Period: November 2nd, 2023 – December 15th, 2023

1. Following RealFee Sleeping Faceplates are now available for sale:
Soso (2023)
Coco (2023)
Toki (2023)
Eva (2023)

2. Special Skin Colour options (Blue Gray & Purple Gray) will be available for the following doll lines:
RealFee Boy Basic
RealFee Girl Basic
PukiFee a la carte 

* IMPORTANT NOTICE: Makeup Option for special skin dolls are NOT available. *

3. Price Increase for PukiFee will take effect as of December 16th, 2023 after the end of the Special Skin sales period.

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DreamValley “The Great Age of Sail” Event!

Dream Valley “The Great Age of Sail” Event! (ends November 24, 2023)

Introducing Adria & Valora & RE-Introducing Olivia & Safina!!


  • Order Basic or Full Set SD Rabbit Adria or Valora!
  • During this event and get 12% off Basic or Full Set Adria and/or Valora orders by entering Coupon Code “DVSAIL” at checkout 🙂
  • Order Basic or Full Set Adria/Valora and receive SMALL Chest replacement part for FREE
    • Full Set version will come blushed

ALSO Available during this event…..

  • Order nude MSD Olivia/Safina Rabbit or Human Version (nude dolls only)!
  • Order during event and receive 5% discount by entering Coupon Code “DVRAB”
  • Olivia/Safina will come with extra Human Hands H4-03 for FREE during event!