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DreamValley Halloween 2020 Event!

Dream Valley Halloween GIFT Event!

Time: Now-November 22, 2020


  • Order price achieves $760 for a NUDE event pet-doll Gru
    • Preorders only.  Does not include in-stock items.
    • Gru is an event limited pet-doll and can not be sold separately.

Introducing Mermaids Abyss & Nierus

Limited Pet Doll Peanut!

dream valley event 2020 peanut
  • Available with DreamValley preorder
  • Limited to event time (ends Nov. 22, 2020)
  • Full Set or Basic
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DreamValley National Day & Mid-Autumn Event!

Time: Now-October 19th, 2020


  • Order new doll Sirius/Alter during this event can get 15% off on all items of them, including full set/nude doll (excludes Devil Horns).
    • Enter coupon code “DVNATL” at checkout 🙂
  • Order Sirius/Alter nude doll and choose a nude event pet-doll Hawthorn/Plum for FREE!
  • Order Sirius/Alter full set doll and choose a full set event pet-doll Hawthorn/Plum for FREE!

Hawthorn/Plum are event limited pet-dolls are can not be sold separately.

Red one is Hawthorn, green one is Plum.

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DollChateau New Doll Gail & Special Skin Color Event!

New Doll Gail Event (ends Sept. 30, 2020)

Order now and enjoy a 12% Discount on Gail Basic or Gail Full Set

To participate enter coupon code “DCGAIL” at checkout 🙂

Special Skin Color Event (ends Sept. 30, 2020)

For a limited time you can order Purple or Light Tan Skin!  To participate please email us at for a special order listing.

PRICES are as follows:

1/3 (SD) Head $25, Body $75, Doll $100, Horse Body Doll $110

1/4 (MSD) Head $20, Body $50, Doll $70, Horse Body Doll $75

Baby (YoSD) Head $20, Body $45, Doll $50, Horse Body Doll $60

Dolls with high heel feet require an additional $15

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Luts Summer 2020 Event!

Luts Summer 2020 Event (ends July 20th, 2020)

Event Details:

  • Orders over $250 = Free Limited Event Wig
    • Choose: Long Hair or Short Hair
    • Size: 6/7, 7/8 or 8/9
  • Order over $415 = Free Senior Delf Event Head- Bliss Sweety Version
    • Please add $75 for face up B (face up A is NOT available)
    • Please indicate skin color in “notes” section of order
  • Order over $1900 = Free Luts MyChoice basic unlimited doll
    • Please indicate head type, body type and skin color in “notes” section of order
    • ONLY includes unlimited, basic dolls.  Will NOT include face up or full set dolls


* We offer only 1 event gift for the each order.

* If you combine the orders, we don’t count the sum amount for event gift. The bigger amount is counted.

* Shipping fee is not included in the total amount! please be aware of that.

* It is OK to change the gift item as lower price tier’s gift.

* It is impossible to change the gift as cash or other item

PLEASE NOTE: if we do not have a Luts doll/item listed that you would like to purchase please email us ( and we will create a custom listing for you.

Click here to ORDER!

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DollChateau NEW DOLL Preferential Event! (ends June 20, 2020)

Introducing NEW DOLL Alva!!


1. During the event time you can purchase Alva and receive a 12% discount (enter coupon code “DCALVA” at checkout)

2.  During the event time if you want to purchase Larry one of the conditions needs to be met:

  • If you purchase an Alva Full Set you can order Larry by adding $80
  • If you purchase $500 in DollChateau merchandise you can order Larry by adding $80
  • If you purchase $700 in DollChateau merchandise you can order Larry by adding $50

Larry is only available in WHITE SKIN and is NOT available with face up or body make up

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