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Dream Valley 3rd Anniversary SUMMER Event!

Time: Now-July 6th, 2020

View EVENT dolls!


  • All dolls on sale will have 12% off (please enter coupon code: DV2020 at checkout)

Event Gift Doll (Gary/Carey/Sirey/Cory)

  • Discounted price achieves $550 for a nude event pet-doll.
    • Add Make Up to blank pet doll for $50 additional
  • Discounted price achieves $750 for a full-set event pet-doll.

Order Silina/Collier/Grayson/Cayes(Dragon version) during this event can have a pair of human feet for gift.

Click Here to go to DreamValley Event Dolls

  • Silina/Collier(Dragon version) are time limited new dolls during this event.
  • Grayson/Cayes/Xion/Adela and pet-doll Gary/Carey will be released again during this event.
  • Gary/Carey/Sirey/Cory are event limited pet-dolls and are not sale for alone.

(All the dolls above will be discontinued after July 6th,2020. Silina/Collier/Grayson/Cayes human version will still availiable)

  • Full makeup for Gary/Carey/Sirey/Cory is $50.
  • white,normal,pink,grey and tan skin is available.Different sizes have different prices, please refer to the doll’s page of our website.
  • Shipping cost is not included in order value.
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Dream Valley Spring Event (ends March 22)

Dream Valley is celebrating their 3rd Anniversary and would like to THANK everyone for their amazing support!

To celebrate you can take advantage of a 12% discount on ALL Dream Valley products. Use Coupon Code : SPGDRM at checkout.

dream valley event ruby nia

Order over $750 in Dream Valley merchandise and receive a FREE Nia/Ruby.  Click here to order:

Mia, Red, Cerise, LLoyd & Rosa will be discontinued at the end of the event. Order now…. Don’t miss out!

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Dream Valley Spring Event (ends March 10, 2020)

dream valley 2020 event

Time: Now to March 10, 2020


1. Order full set Michelle/Yunior to get one blank Ruby/Nia for free gift.

2. Order’s amount up to $750 to get one fullset Ruby/Nia for free gift.


Event 1 and 2 cannot be attended at the same time.

Ruby and Nia are event limited dolls and won’t be sold alone.

Full makeup for Ruby/Nia is $95 and can be added separately.

Shipping is not included in order value.

Click Here to Order Michelle/Yunior: