Bleuette Dolls

The Complete Bleuette Authentic reproduction of a popular French doll that was made in Paris by the SFBJ (Society of French Doll and Toy Makers) from 1905 – 1957. Bleuette is a favorite with collectors interested in French dolls and fashion history. Over 1,000 clothing patterns and 50+ years of commercial clothing made just for Bleuette make this doll one of the most fashionable in the history of dolls with their own wardrobes.
The RubyRed Galleria Bleuette is a unique, new 11 1/2 inch (29 cm) full bodied resin doll. Made of high quality, state of art resin that gives this new jointed Bleuette a finished weight and quality unmatched by others.
The complete resin Bleuette doll comes with:
1. A changeable auburn wig (mohair & human hair mix) – attached with our extra thin velcro for easy changes.
2. Easily changeable realistic round acrylic eyes.
3. Hand painted eye brows & eye lashes, hand blushed rosy cheeks, hand painted lips, accented nostrils (can be cleaned off for repainting if desired).
4. Pierced ears for wearing earrings.

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