Lost in the Vortex “Achelous” Full Set, White/Gray


 Lost in the Vortex “Achelous” Full Set (limited edition)

Default Body: T-12 Mermaid Body

Full Set Includes:

  • Nude Doll (Achelous Mermaid Head + T-12 Mermaid Body)
  • White Head & Upper Body Parts/Gray Mermaid Parts
  • Face Up (including pattern & coral angle blush)
  • Body & Taill Blushing
  • Wings of Illusion (gray) w/ blushing
  • No Human Lower Body
  • Gift Human Hands and Arms white skin
  • Wig GW4-28
  • Outfit CT-23
  • 14mm Random Acrylic Eyes
  • Dream Valley Box & Certificate


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