Netis HUMAN Designer Complete, Tan Skin, Dreaming Vamp w/Make Up


Feeple60 Netis HUMAN (Ancient Queen) Designer Complete

In Stock Doll Includes:

    • FeePle60 [Head + Moe (Long legs*) body + #1 Hands]
    • HUMAN Head (no vampire teeth)
    • Default Head Make Up
    • Tan Skin
    • 14mm Premium Eyes *GIFT
    • NO Sleeping Head
    • Dreaming Vampire Head with Make Up
    • Heel Feet & Flat Feet
    • Wig (8 inch)
    • Outfit (Ancient Queen) *includes metal hand ornaments
    • Shoes (Resin heels, clear smoke, *painted)
    • Head Ornaments (Clear smoke & clear resin, *painted)
    • Certificate of Authenticity
    • Information Booklet
    • Fairyland Feeple60 Box

– Removing seam lines of Clear Skin parts reduces clarity of the resin. For this reason, seam lines will remain intact and only most minimal necessary measures will be applied to reduce sharpness to prevent injuries. Thank you for understanding.

In stock

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