Tiny Delf Satyress ver. Forest Fairy, Various Sculpts


Tiny Delf Satyress  vers Forest Fairy

In Sock Includes:

  • Assembled Tiny Delf Satyress Body: Choice of Head Sculpt/Skin Tone (see below)
  • Deer Antlers
  • 12mm Random Color Eyes
  • NO Outfit , NO Wig
  • Luts Box for Tiny Delf with two blankets


Hansel Elf, real skin brown, face up, deer hooves w/blushing

TylTyl Elf, real skin normal , face up, deer hooves w/blushing

Momo Elf, real skin white, face up, deer hooves w/blushing

Jack Elf, real skin normal, face up, deer hooves w/blushing


  • Height: 16 cm (head included)
  • Girth of head: 15 cm/5.9 inch
  • Girth of neck: 3.8 cm/1.5 inch
  • Girth of chest: 7.8 cm/3.7 inch
  • Girth of waist: 7.2 cm/2.8 inch
  • Girth of hips: 9.1 cm/3.6 inch
  • Width of shoulders: 2.8 cm/1.1 inch
  • Length of arm parts (shoulder – wrist): 4 cm/1.6 inch
  • Length of forearm part (elbow – wrist): 2.2 cm/0.9 inch
  • Length of leg parts (hip – knee): 3 cm/1.2 inch
  • Length of calf part (knee – ankle): 2.6 cm/1.1 inch
  • Girth of ankle: 3.2 cm/1.3 inch
  • Foot: 2.2 cm/0.9 inch
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