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Dream Valley 3rd Anniversary SUMMER Event!

Time: Now-July 6th, 2020

View EVENT dolls!


  • All dolls on sale will have 12% off (please enter coupon code: DV2020 at checkout)

Event Gift Doll (Gary/Carey/Sirey/Cory)

  • Discounted price achieves $550 for a nude event pet-doll.
    • Add Make Up to blank pet doll for $50 additional
  • Discounted price achieves $750 for a full-set event pet-doll.

Order Silina/Collier/Grayson/Cayes(Dragon version) during this event can have a pair of human feet for gift.

Click Here to go to DreamValley Event Dolls

  • Silina/Collier(Dragon version) are time limited new dolls during this event.
  • Grayson/Cayes/Xion/Adela and pet-doll Gary/Carey will be released again during this event.
  • Gary/Carey/Sirey/Cory are event limited pet-dolls and are not sale for alone.

(All the dolls above will be discontinued after July 6th,2020. Silina/Collier/Grayson/Cayes human version will still availiable)

  • Full makeup for Gary/Carey/Sirey/Cory is $50.
  • white,normal,pink,grey and tan skin is available.Different sizes have different prices, please refer to the doll’s page of our website.
  • Shipping cost is not included in order value.