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DreamValley “Collector in the Attic” Event!

Dream Valley “Collector in the Attic” Event! (ends May 27, 2024)

Introducing Maurren Crow Boy!!


  •  Order Maurren Full-set or Basic doll can get B4-17 human feet accessories as gift.(same color with the doll, full set with blushing)!  Will be added to your order automatically.
  • During this event you can receive 12% off Basic or Full Set orders by entering Coupon Code “DVMC24” at checkout !

The new dolls feature a new arm changing design that allows you to just pull out the old arm and insert the new one!

Maurren has feather arms, during the event, arms can be added for discounted price $20 ($100)!(same color with body)

*This accessory is not available for other dolls.