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Dollzone Summer 2023 Event!

Dollzone Summer Holiday Event! ends August 16, 2023

Introducing NEW dolls Taurus Neruga, Aries Snow Fulai & Daisy

Event Contents:

【Activity 1】

During the time,  you can enjoy 12% discount when ordering dolls / body / head / accessories *Enter Coupon Code “DZSM23” at checkout!

 (Except  Daisy,Neruga,Snow Fulai,Feather Fox,Thilo,Seedlings,Cat & Dog do not participate in this activity)

【Activity 2】

During the time,  if your order price reaches $500,  you will have 1 white “Heavy rain” nude doll as Giveaways,Order amounts can be stacked and giveaways can be stacked to receive.

【Activity 3】

During the time,  During the time, if your order any nude doll/fullset, you can purchase extra a “Big Dipper” nude doll (Available colors) for $100

(Special dolls:Feather Fox,Thilo,Seedlings,Cat & Dog no participation in activities 2 and 3)

【Neruga & Snow Fulai Limited Open Event】

Event Time : July 18, 2023 – August 16, 2023

1.  During the time, A limited number of 10 each of Taurus and Aries will be available overseas (20 in total)

2.  During the time, you can enjoy a 5% discount on Taurus and Aries orders. Enter Coupon Code “DZTA23” at checkout!

3.  During the time, ordering Taurus and Aries can participate in store giveaways and add-ons

Sales Note: Taurus & Aries are on sale for a limited time during the event period and cannot be stacked with any other discounts during the event period.

Brown resin cannot be sanded, so seam lines will not be removed.

【DollZone New Doll Promotions Event】

During : July 18th, 2023 – August 16th, 2023

【Activity contents】

During the time, if order new doll 【Daisy】Nude Doll/Fullset/Head , you can enjoy 12% OFF Discount. Enter Coupon Code “DZDY23” at checkout!

During the time, if order new doll 【Daisy】 , You can stack participation in summer giveaways with add-ons!

Sale Description : During the time, 【Daisy】fullset/nude doll/head/Outfit/accessory is available for sale for a limited time, after the event will stop selling.

Event Description: During the event, if there are other store discounts can not be stacked, will keep the discount and the arrival price unchanged, the final interpretation of this activity belongs to DollZone official