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Dream Valley “Apocalypse-Black Horseman Withered” Event!

dream valley withered apocalypse event

Dream Valley “Apocalypse-Black Horseman Withered” Event **ends Oct. 24, 2022

1. Introducing NEW DOLL Withered & Horse Body!!

  • Available in Basic & Full Set
  • Order NOW and enjoy a 12% discount on Basic/Full Set Withered
    • Enter Coupon Code “DVAW22” at Checkout

2. Nude doll can get a Crown of Desolation.

3. Full-set can get a Crown of Desolation and Mask of Thorns Bones.

* Apocalypse-Black Horsemen Withered are LIMITED to the event period, and all projects will be closed after the event ends.

The following points should be noted in this Event:

  • Full set does not include the scepter/crown/mask in the picture, you can buy it separately.
  • NEW skin color Niello, only a full set can be selected, not available when buying nude doll.
  • Apocalypse-Black Horsemen (Full-set /Nude doll/outfit/body) , all items will be discontinued after October 24, 2022.