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Coral Reef 1/4 Circus Caroline- Limited Edition!

Coral Reef 1/4 Circus Caroline (ends June 18th)

$240.00 – $539.00

PREORDER 1/4 Circus Caroline (ends June 18, 2023)

Full Set limited to 20 sets!

Full Set Includes:

  • Nude Doll (Head + Body)
  • Face Make Up (as shown in display photo)
  • Resin Eyes
  • Circus Costume (includes: clown tiara, corsage with metal ring, colorful neck-piece (material kit), magnetic necklace with pendant, tassel hairpins, puff sleeves, colorful fur-ball clips, lace bodysuit, tassel skirt, suspender stockings, tassel wristbands, puff leg covers, leg rings with metal pendants, fishbone bustle.
  • Customized wig
  • High heel shoes
  • Coral Reef Dolls Box
  • Certificate of Authenticity

Basic Set Includes:

  • Nude Doll (Head + Body)
  • Coral Reef Dolls Box
  • Certificate of Authenticity


  • Basic Set is $240
  • Full Set is $499
    • Body Blush is $40 additional
  • Skin Colors: white, mia white, pink-white, pink-normal
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Fairyland Winter 2022/23 Event!

Fairyland Winter 22/23 Event!

Introducing MNF Lami!!

Event Contents:

Customers are eligible to receive following gifts for orders priced;

a-1. $750 or above: MiniFee Lami(A) Head (NS)

a-2. $750 or above: MiniFee Lami(A) Head (BW)

Event Items can be selected as long as the price meets the minimum price category.

For example:

  • When placing order of $7,500, you may select up to (10) x $700 category heads OR (5) $700 category heads plus (4) $900 category heads.
  • The amount of qualifying gifts MUST be equal to or less than order total BEFORE shipping.
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Dollzone Merry Christmas Event!

2022 Dollzone Christmas Event!

Ordering time:2022.12.12-2023.1.15

Event Details:

2.  If you place an order during the event, you can enjoy a discount 17% discount for preorder dolls(Except for new dolls)

  • enter coupon code “DZXM22” at checkout
  • Does NOT include in stock items

3.  During event, if your preorder price reaches $599 you will have 1 white Paca nude doll as Christmas gift for free:

4.  Paca can be sold separately before 2023.1.15. Nude doll is $99, full set  is $179(transportation cost is not included, no participate in Christmas discounts and giveaways)

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DreamValley “Eternal Vow” Event!

Dream Valley “Eternal Vow” Event! (ends Dec. 18, 2022)

Introducing Mantis Freyja & Rita  <<<Click Here>>>


  • Order Freyja/Rita/Moon/Gru nude doll/fullset during this event and get 10% off. **Enter Coupon Code “DVEV22” at checkout
  • Mantis version : Nude doll/Full-set can get a pair of H4-06 (full set with blushing)
  • Human version : Nude doll/Full-set can get a pair of 1/4 Foot Changers.

The following points should be noted in this Event:

1.Eternal Vow-Rita&Freyja (Mantis version) are limited to the event period. All item will never be sold again after December 18, 2022.

2.Eternal Vow-Rita&Freyja (Human version) nude doll is not limited. Full set and outfit will be discontinued after December 18, 2022.

3.The new version of the body and the old version of the body only the size of the tail is not the same, you can choose the new version of the tail or the old version of the tail.  Email us if you want the old tail.

(If you do not choose then the default is the new version of the tail. The new version for the big tail, the old version for the small tail ).